Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's not mooching, it's collating

Sorry everybody.  I've still got Pokéthulhu on the brain.

Here's a thread at the Giant in the Playground forum describing two new, extra special aspects and a bunch of new 'thulhu ('thulae?  'thuluses?  I can never remember).

Howzabout a DeviantArtist who doesn't seem to know about the great Pokéthulhu multimedia experience, but is drawing them anyway!  Just like little Tony Wilcox in Episode #57: Calling Doctor Pikathulhu.

I.  Need.  These.  Cards.

And Pokéthulhu Orange is something I completely missed out on, to my eternal vexation.  Clever stuff going on there.

Now, back to preparing for a game on Saturday.  Have you ever tried to map the laboratory of Dark Priest Maple?  Ain't easy, as you may well imagine.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fast Pokethulhu Generator

It's done...
Perhaps I should look into finding a place to upload pdfs and the like.  Mediafire and that sort of thing.  Which ones are any good?

EDIT:   And here is the link to the pdf on googledocs.  Thanks for the suggestion and the praise, Talysman.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

In Which I Do Nothing Of Merit

Geez, missing time piles up fast.

So my delusions of the Petal Throne have dissipated with the morning fog.  Instead I'm thinking of Pokéthulhu.  I'm knocking together a roll-the-shining-dodecahedrons-on-here thing for quickly generating random 'thulhu ('thulhus? 'thulhi? Whichever).
It's not done yet.  I still need to play around with assigning aspects and making names.  Maybe the different name components could be linked to specific aspects?