Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's not mooching, it's collating

Sorry everybody.  I've still got Pokéthulhu on the brain.

Here's a thread at the Giant in the Playground forum describing two new, extra special aspects and a bunch of new 'thulhu ('thulae?  'thuluses?  I can never remember).

Howzabout a DeviantArtist who doesn't seem to know about the great Pokéthulhu multimedia experience, but is drawing them anyway!  Just like little Tony Wilcox in Episode #57: Calling Doctor Pikathulhu.

I.  Need.  These.  Cards.

And Pokéthulhu Orange is something I completely missed out on, to my eternal vexation.  Clever stuff going on there.

Now, back to preparing for a game on Saturday.  Have you ever tried to map the laboratory of Dark Priest Maple?  Ain't easy, as you may well imagine.

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