Monday, February 28, 2011

Dungeon #4

Clearly the Dyson Logos Hatching is the industry standard in dungeon geomorph fill.

I'm starting to wonder what sets the morphs apart from each other.  Take this one, f'r instance.  It's another sudoku dungeon.  Leaving aside the DungeonWords there are three connections that don't exactly connect, and two of those are stairways to other levels.  True, one could just take any dead-end and turn it into a stairway.  But one can just as easily whiteout any stairway and be left with a dead-end.  What's the point in having such features on the geomorphs at all if they're not making GMs think about them and try to make sense of 'em?

1 comment:

  1. Interesting that you would add stairs down to the levels below. While I have included stairs up on various tiles, I always assumed they were dungeon exits/entrances. I like the idea that there might be levels to the dungeon above/below even the vigorously multi-level dungeons that can be generated by assembling our geomorphs.