Monday, February 21, 2011

Dungeon Geomorph #2 Revisited

Had to fix the damn thing.  To fit the space properly I turned the secret door in the bottom left to a boring old open doorway.


  1. Not bad. One thing I've done in my newer tiles (not scanned yet - I need to find a working scanner) to add interest to exits between tiles is simply add columns/archway over the exit/entrance. Not as great as adding a secret door, but more interesting than a hole.

    Side note - you mentioned wanting to wait until you have several tiles before adding them to the mapper. Just let me know whenever you feel like you're at that point. :)

  2. Thanks, and good advice. I'll give that a go sooner or later.

    The waiting thing was just me being modest and insecure and passive-aggressive. In short, Canadian. If it's less hassle for you to add tiles to your mapper one by one instead of a batch of 'em, then just do whatever's easiest for yourself.

    Actually, let me turn that around. Is there anything I can do to help these tiles better fit into your mapper? Any preferred file format or bitmap size or something?

  3. Small batches work best for me when editing, but if you'd be interested in doing the image editing bit I could add them extremely quickly.

    The main things I do are resizing to 300x300 pixels, making sure the entrances/exits are almost pixel perfect to match up with other tiles, and removing the black border from parts of the tile with hashing.

    If it sounds like too much, don't worry about it. I have no problem doing the editing - plus another fan of the mapper offered to assist in speeding up the editing process by helping me out. No worries either way. :)