Sunday, April 17, 2011

d30 Mecha Malfunctions, Bigger and Better

And by better I mean worse.

This table assumes you're using War of the Mecha and microMechwarrior.  If a result doesn't apply then try the next one or roll again or adapt to whatever rules you are using or just make something up.

The mecha of the Known Sphere have developed an assortment of quirks over their centuries of abuse.  When you've finished configuring your mecha roll a d30 on this table.  Any dice rolls in square brackets are permanent values set when the mecha is designed.  Any weapons affected are also set at this time and chosen randomly from those installed.

Of course, the mecha of the invading clans are free of these defects.
  1. Wobbly Gyro; [1d3] penalty to Piloting rolls.
  2. Bum Leg; -1 Walking.  Yes, this affects Running too.
  3. Weak Ankles; failed Piloting roll causes a leg critical hit, just like #3 on the critical hit chart.
  4. Cracked Frame; May land only one melee attack safely, EVER.  Further strikes make the mecha suffer an "arm" critical hit (#4 on critical hit chart).
  5. Weapon Lag; One weapon has [1d3] penalty to-hit.
  6. Jammy Weapon; One weapon jams if it rolls [1d6+1] or less to-hit.  The jam may be cleared on later turns with a Technician roll (that's a microMechwarrior thing) in lieu of any attacks.
  7. Hot Gun; One weapon produces [1d6] extra heat.
  8. Flaky Jump Jets; Make a 2d roll halfway through a jump, a result of [1d6+1] or less forces a Piloting roll.  Safe landing on a pass, fall on a failure.  In either case the mecha doesn't get any further than halfway.
  9. Cramped Cockpit; One point penalty on Piloting for each two points (or portion of) over STR [1d6+3] (mMw again).
  10. Coolant Turbulence; Each heat phase roll 1d6 twice, the first adds to the "true" heat score and the second subtracts.  This modified score is only for checking heat effects, and does not change the actual heat of the mecha.
  11. Hot Engine; Add [1d6] heat each turn.
  12. Rejection Seat; May not eject from mecha.  You gotta climb out, and good luck outrunning the thermonuclear explosion.
  13. Heat Sinks by Lowest Bidder; Each turn at [2d6+8] heat or higher lose 1d3 heat sinks.
  14. Stiff Arm; [1d3] penalty to-hit melee.
  15. Separate Triggers; One weapon not properly linked into the targeting system.  This weapon may not fire in the same turn other weapons are fired.
  16. Pinched Coolant Tubes; One weapon suffers to-hit penalties [1d6+1] heat points earlier.
  17. Tippy; Making any turns while running requires a Piloting roll.
  18. Mecha With A Rep; Killing this mecha is worth [1d6] extra kills/experience.
  19. Needs More Oomph; Ranges shortened for one weapon. -1 short, -2 medium, -3 long.
  20. Premature Ejection; Failing a shut-down over-ride pops off the ejection seat.  Your mecha pilot is out of this fight, but alive for the next.
  21. I Don't See Any Difference; Mecha may only fire all weapons or no weapons in a turn.
  22. Sluggish Throttle; Mecha may not go from a standstill to running or vice versa without spending a turn between walking.
  23. Backfire; One weapon will explode if it rolls a two to-hit.  Mecha takes damage from its own weapon and loses that weapon.  If you survive this fight, the replacement will not have this glitch.
  24. Give It A Thump; Roll 1d6 at the start of each turn.  On a one suffer a 1d3 to-hit penalty for the turn.
  25. Low Hydraulic Pressure; Mecha does melee damge as one size class smaller.  Lights inflict none.
  26. Improvised Armour; Pick one type of attack: ballistic, energy, missile, melee or (if the clan invasion has started) gauss.  When taking damage from such a weapon roll twice and use the higher result.
  27. Steers Like A Cow; Can't make more than one hexside facing change per game turn.
  28. Screaming Neural Feedback; Another one for microMechwarrior.  Damage to mecha affects pilot.  Each [1d3] points of mecha-scale damage results in one point of human-scale damage (location is not important).
  29. Roll twice again.  Lame, I know.  The next one is better.
  30. Roll twice again. Second roll is a latent glitch that shows up if the first glitch should ever be repaired.  A microMechwarrior GM should probably make the second roll in secret, or something.

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