Sunday, April 24, 2011

Simple Salvage

Part of the charm to playing Sphere instead of Clan is the constant struggle to keep the mecha in some sort of running order.  I cooked up some brief rules to cover that in War of the Mecha and microMechwarrior, but not too many.  Just enough to get the feel, or so I hope.

So you've won the day.  The field is yours, and it's littered with broken and battered mecha.  What can you do with 'em?

Did the engine go kaBLOOski?  If so, then there is no salvage.

Did the mecha get knocked down to zero Armour Points?  There are a few things you can do then.
  • Try to fix it with a Technician roll.  Fail the roll and it's tagged as scrap, not even good for spare parts.  On a pass you've got her running again, but she's picked up a little more personality from a roll on the malfunctions table.  Roll boxcars and the mecha is running without any new glitches.
  • Did someone mention spare parts?  Chop it up and use the bits to get a bonus for fixing another mecha.  It's like spending an Action Point without actually spending an Action Point.
  • Keep the wreck in storage until you're ready to work with it.  Or trade it.  Or whatever.
The mecha didn't lose all its' armour points?  Then patch it up.  Technician roll.  Failure means all the combat damage is repaired, but the mecha gains a new malfunction.  Pass and the mecha is repaired.  Natural 12 and not only is the mecha repaired, one malfunction is too.

And don't even think of chopping up a mecha that's still functional.  If you're lucky the Chief will only hit you with a wrench.

That's all I've got for today.  G'night.

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