Saturday, April 23, 2011

Thank You, JB.

After waiting too long, I got in a game or two of War of the Mecha today at the Hamilton Road Gaming Group.  It had all the thrill and psychic anguish from making decisions such as "should I run in & alpha strike while I have initiative, or is the chance of losing initiative next turn plus heat penalties too dangerous to risk my half-dead mecha" while lacking the tedium of rolling a hit on the (roll, roll) right arm (roll, roll) lower (roll, roll) critical slot #4 which is empty anyway so why did we bother with all that?

And it's a great way to get all those clicky-mechs doing something other than herding dust bunnies under the bed.

I should post some pix, but I didn't have the good terrain set up today.  I'll get that ready for next time.

Thank you, JB.  It was fun.

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