Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mecha Malfunctions

I might as well do something constructive with my current infatuation for War of the Mecha, so here's a table of malfunctions, glitches and the like.  The mecha used in the Known Sphere of systems have each gathered their own little quirks over their centuries of abuse.  Roll 1d20, and if the result doesn't apply to the mecha then try the next one down.
  1. Wonky Gyro; 1 point penalty on Piloting rolls.
  2. Bum Leg; -1 Walking MP.  Yes, this affects Running too.
  3. Stiff Arm; 1 point penalty to-hit melee attacks.
  4. Hot Engine; Each turn add 3 heat.
  5. Weapon Lag; One weapon (selected at random) has a 1 point penalty to-hit.
  6. Jammy Weapon; One random weapon jams if it rolls 2-4 to-hit.  May be cleared in later turns by passing a Technician roll in lieu of attacking.  Wait.  That's microMechwarrior talk.  Well, you should be using microMechwarrior too.
  7. Hot Gun; One weapon generates 2 extra points of heat (whether large or small).
  8. Flaky Jump Jets; Roll 1d6 halfway through a jump.  On 1 the jets cut out.  Make a Piloting roll to land there safely, or suffer the usual fall-down-go-boom damage.
  9. Cramped Cockpit; For each 2 points (or portion of) over STR7 take a 1 point penalty on Piloting rolls.  Including ejection rolls.
  10. Coolant Turbulence; Each heat phase add 1d6 and subtract 1d6 from the "true" heat score.  This modified heat level is just for finding the heat effects this turn.
  11. Cracked Frame; May safely land only one melee attack.  EVER.  Further melee strikes make the mecha suffer an arm critical hit just like #4 on the critical hit chart.
  12. Rejection Seat; May not eject from the mecha.  Jump out instead, and good luck outrunning the nuclear explosion.
  13. Heat Sinks by Lowest Bidder; Each turn at 15+ heat lose 1d4 heat sinks.
  14. Magnetic Reputation; Mecha is so (in)famous that killing it counts for 5 kills.
  15. Skinny Ankles; Failed Piloting roll causes a leg critical hit (#3 on the critical chart).
  16. Separate Trigger; One random weapon is not properly linked into the targeting system.  This weapon may not fire in the same turn other weapons are fired.
  17. Pinched Coolant Tubes; One random weapon suffers to-hit penalties five heat points earlier (5, 15 & 25).
  18. Tippy; Making any turn while running require a Piloting roll.
  19. Roll twice again.  Lame, I know.  The next one is better.
  20. Roll twice again.  Second roll is a latent glitch that doesn't show up unless the first malfunction somehow gets fixed.
 Hmm.  Only twenty.  I want to roll a d30.  Any ideas to bring this up to thirty?

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